Oculus Touch: A Quick Review

We've had the Oculus Touch controllers in the office for about a month - but thanks to the holidays (and pesky family obligations) we were finally able to break them out for a test run.

First thoughts: the reviews are correct. They do complete the Oculus package and they make it something worth owning. Oculus should immediately make the combo package, the "default Oculus" (but please keep selling them individually for when I eventually tear it off my head, throw it across the room, and break it. That seems to be my universal response to VR horror games.)

The interesting part for me: the Touch controllers make the Vive controllers feel like prototype hardware. I love them. They feel perfect in your hand. And I love the fact we have a controller war going on. Vive showed at CES where it's going. Oculus will soon follow up. And that competition is going to make both better. (the Oculus sensors on the other hand are a work in progress. We'll soon be ordering a third to test out the experimental room-scale mode)

Speaking of both: if you're a Unity developer, grab the SteamVR plugin and dive right in. Pro: it works great. Con: I wished they dedicated one person to making the documentation half (or a fourth...) as good as the documentation for the Oculus SDK. You're going to end up learning by doing and exploring, not reading. And you'll have to do some work to access all those extra Oculus buttons, but beyond that, our Vive and Touch controllers have been getting along swimmingly.

Anyway - take this whole review with a grain of salt, because this is pretty much all we really wanted motion controlled VR for: