Duck Hunt VR aka Hello World

I'm pretty sure for most of us (of a certain age...), our first experience with any gun games was Duck Hunt. Then later came House of the Dead, Time Crisis, Revolution X (starring Aerosmith for some reason?), that Terminator game with force feedback that left my shoulder sore... well, you get the idea.

But in a lot of our minds, it will always be about those ducks and that dog. Which is why I think the universal reaction to hand controllers has been "Let's make Duck Hunt!" It's the Hello World of motion controlled VR.

The Distraction Lab got our set of Oculus Touch controllers right before the holidays and we needed to test them out. Around 48 hours later, we had this.

This was built in Unity (C#), using Oculus Touch controllers.

Bonus Points: name the game we used as the source of our explosions. (Hint: you know the code....)

I think we were really shocked how easy it was to incorporate the Touch controllers. Unity's done an amazing job and documentation on the Oculus SDK has been fantastic. We noticed some oddities by using Sprites - if our sprite layer ordering was two high, it would block the "ghost hand" rendering of the controllers. But honestly, that was our only technical hiccup.

This proof-of-concept was strictly for our own entertainment - so we won't be releasing it into the wild. But it was a great jump start to an upcoming gun-based VR project.