The Distraction Lab is a think tank of incredibly gifted, yet charmingly immature individuals that focus on the creation of engaging and innovative content in the mobile space. Consisting of seasoned creative and technical veterans of the console game industry, branded experiences, and mobile development, our team is a well-balanced breakfast of both creative and technology, led by great gameplay design.

Currently we have two mobile titles in development, with tentative releases dates for both projected for Summer of 2014. 


Chad Mirshak, Creative Director & Co-Founder
Chad has spent the past 13 years of his career pursuing his passion for interactive work across a variety of industries. He spent over seven years in the console game industry, having shipped over 20 titles across all major consoles (XBOX, Playstation, Gamecube, Wii, and PSP). During this time, he worked in a variety disciplines: motion capture, UI design, hard surface modeling and animation.

Recently he has been working in the ad agency world, where he built a cross-disciplinary teams focused on crafting world-class digital campaigns for the likes of Coca-Cola, Sprint, Nintendo, Lego and Samsung. This diverse and challenging work allowed him to extend his creative background to include broadcast-quality motion graphics, hardware integration, and mobile development.

Now, he returns to his first love of game development with the formation of The Distraction Lab, an independent collective focused on creating unique gameplay experiences for the mobile and console space. 

Greyson Purcell, Design Director & Co-Founder
Ever since he first saw the words "You are standing in an open field, west of a white house.", glowing on an old Apple II screen, Greyson knew he wanted to design games and create worlds.

As Design Director for The Distraction Lab, he is still following that same dream. Whether it's in a design document or knee-deep in code, Greyson works closely with the team to bring each new project to life.

With over 15 years experience in the creation of interactive content, Greyson's been many things, including an animator, a writer, a programmer and a teacher. With a background that includes marketing, journalism and education, he is currently living the ad agency life in Chicago, IL. But it was co-founding The Distraction Lab that lets him pursue his true passion - to design and build experiences that are engaging, exciting and unlike anything else on the market.

Kenton Stuckey, General Manager
Kenton has spent the last 12 years focused on delivering world class creative projects for some of the biggest names in advertising. Whether leading teams through the creation of unique, one-to-one digital marketing campaigns or delivering custom website platforms -- he's had a hand in it all. Not content to sit on the sidelines, he continues to refine his craft and now leads the digital presence for one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Now, pursuing one of his passions, he joined up with a group that shares his interest for all things distracting. His goal is to bring together the unique talents at The Distraction Lab to deliver a new twist on gaming for all to enjoy.

Nathan Boyd, Art Director
Nathan is a ginger from the south who has been working with technology since before he could read a MS-DOS prompt. Now he's diving into the world of advertising as a Digital Art Director in Chicago and is embracing the opportunity to work with the Distraction Lab.

Fresh out of school and the youngest on this team of veteran coders, managers, and creatives alike, he holds his own with a passion for design and a drive to creatively execute ideas with excellence and uncommon solutions.

Knowing that passion fueled projects and board game nights are ahead, Nathan is ready to be a part of whatever The Distraction Lab can cook up.